Analogman King of Tone- High Gain Both Sides

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 by mjxl71 posted on Dec 05, 2017 02:18

analogman king of tone high gain both sides
I'm selling my King of Tone By Analogman. I am selling this because I have my original one (V3 5 knob) and although this one has more features I am just plain use to the old one. If you are here reading this you probably already know about this pedal but if you don't it's best to visit to get an idea of what this pedal can do. As you can see this one is blue and it is high gain on both sides which is an extra. As most people know the waiting list for this pedal is around a year and half....
Onsale for $ 460.00 and shipping from Lincoln Park, New more on eBay...

 by ceounicom posted on Dec 06, 2017 22:28

analogman boss sd 1 super overdrive pedal w silver mod jrc4558d rej project
For sale is an Analogman modded Boss SD-1. If you are not familiar with what these are, go over to the Analogman website and read up. You can buy these new with mods for $150+shipping, but the availability and turnaround time varies, especially during the busy season. Get this now at a discount and save yourself the wait. There is 1 other unit currently available on ebay and I'm making this $5 cheaper. The Analogman SD-1/TS808 is effectively 2 overdrive pedals in one: 1) a modified Boss SD-1, which has been "bleed-fixed" to reduce noise and clearer-bypass when disengaged, and some improvement to low-end tone, and 2) a vintage-chip, "silver"-pedaled Ibanez TS-808 tube screamer, accessible via push-pull knob (top left) For beginning guitar players, i think man...
Onsale for $ 120.00 and shipping from Palmyra, more on eBay...

 by blueoases posted on Dec 04, 2017 02:44

analogman king of tone overdrive guitar effect pedal
For auction is one Analogman King of Tone version 4 overdrive pedal. This has normal gain on both sides. The original box and documentation are included. This is a brand new pedal only removed from the box to take a picture. Received September 2017....
Onsale for $ 465.00 and shipping from Suffolk, more on eBay...

 by tubeamp posted on Dec 10, 2017 19:20

analogman king of tone regular gain x2
Analog man king of tone pedal. Has regular gain both sides. I purchased this pedal demoed it only. Sounds very nice. I just have way too many od's. Comes with all factory fliers,stickers feet and box exactly the way I received it new. I received it about 2 months ago. Tried out only one time. Waited over a year. No issues,scratched, chips....
Onsale for $ 475.00 and shipping from San Antonio, more on eBay...

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