OSA Old School Audio 500 series API-style rack, Trackpack, 8 slot, Oversized PSU

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 by zenteraman posted on Sep 23, 2018 19:17

osa old school audio 500 series api style rack trackpack 8 slot oversized psu
Up for sale is an OSA Old School Audio Track pack 500 series power rack. I purchased this from Atlas Pro Audio and it has worked flawlessly ever since. 8 slots...no guarantees it will work with all 500 series modules (this is normal), but it has worked with every one that I have tried with it including A Designs, Avedis, API, CAPI, Vintage Audio Designs and more. I have had this loaded with all slots full with no issues. The power supply is very robust and capable of powering 2 8 slot module racks. Here are some specs I received in an email from the owner of OSA: It sounds like you have one of the newer 3 Amp per side power supplies - the best that I make. There should be a Power One bipolar supply in there that provides +/- 16V for the audio, and a separate...
Onsale for $ 349.99 and shipping from Mattoon, Illinois...read more on eBay...

 by valuepetsupplies posted on Jan 27, 2017 11:58

api stress coat 1 gallon
API Stress Coat 1 Gallon Scientifically proven to reduce fish stress and heal damaged tissue, API Stress Coat 1 Gallon forms a synthetic slime coating and replaces the natural secretion of slime that is interrupted by handling, shipping, fish fighting, or other forms of stress. It helps reduce susceptibility to disease and infection and heal torn fins and skin wounds. Use when starting a new aquarium, adding or changing water and adding fish. ValuePetSupplies SKU#: MF10085 MPN: 85D Attention International Buyers: All products are appropriately labeled and designed for sale in the US. Where applicable, electronics and plugs work with standard US 120 volt, 60Hz outlets, unless specifically stated otherwise, above. Save Big On House Branded Pet Products... Bull...
Onsale for $ 45.49 and shipping from Livingston, Tennessee...read more on eBay...

 by super_cichlids posted on May 18, 2018 21:38

api furan 2
API Furan-2 Powder Contains two furan compounds to combat a wide variety of gram-positive & gram-negative bacterial diseases, including bacterial gill disease, open red sores (Aeromonas spp.), body slime & eye cloud, black molly disease (Flavobacterium columnaris) and fin & tail rot. For use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. This medication will not harm the biological filter. Note: This medication will cause a slight discoloration of water which can be removed with activated carbon. Directions for Use (Packets): For best results, remove activated carbon or filter cartridge from filter and continue aerations. For each 10 gallons (38 L) of water, empty one packet directly into aquarium. Repeat dose after 24 hours. Wait another 24 hours then change 2...
Onsale for $ 9.49 and shipping from Dover, Delaware...read more on eBay...

 by sendr posted on Sep 25, 2018 02:10

ati 8mx2 8 channel mic preamp limiter jdk 8x2x8 summing mixer api rack pre
Fantastic 8 channel mic pre. Just tested every channel with an SM57, and the unit works and sounds great. Cosmetically shows some rack wear and it looks like the case is missing 1 screw. Makes a great front end for a DAW / live sound / or studio recording. I believe ATI, API, and JDK are all the same company, which is currently marketing this product with their JDK branding for $3,195. Includes power cable. From the web —“Features: 8/2/8 mixerEight line level multi-track returnsEight-into-two mix bus with pan10-segment Input/Mix LED meter10-segment Gain reduction meterHeadphone and speaker monitor OutEight channels in 1u rack spaceLink multiple unitsEach channel includes: +/- 48v Hi-voltage mic preThreshold limiterDirect "Out"Selectable 48v phantom power...
Onsale for $ 1,420.00 and shipping from Los Angeles, California...read more on eBay...

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