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 by atlasmodifiedspeakeratlasmodifiedspeaker posted on Sep 20, 2017 23:33

mesa boogie mc 90 black shadow 12 8 ohm 90 watt 444 cone speaker uk
these are mesa boogie MC-90 black shadow 12" 90 watt 8 ohm speakers made in England by celestion.they are remanufactured with all new moving parts including a kurt muller 444 English made cone and a precision American made coil which provides more bass extension,smoother mids and highs.they come with a 30 day no abuse warranty.i'll ship anywhere in the U.S. for $18.75.worldwide please calculate....
Onsale for $ 69.00 and shipping from Willis, more on eBay...

 by borispizdek posted on Oct 19, 2017 22:20

mesa boogie subway rocket with reverb
Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket 20W Guitar Amp This is a really neat small combo amp that puts out 20 watts of tube power and comes with a 10" Black Shadow speaker. It weighs around 35lbs and is a small compact size that can be taken anywhere to jam with a loud band and also can be used in a smaller setting. This is a great tube amp that can keep up with any type of room you play in. This amp has a built in fx loop as well as an output for recording, live shows, and headphones. It has a 3 band eq with a reverb knob for control. It comes with a factory footswitch to switch between the lead and rhythm channel. This little thing is a monster with little to no effort this thing will scream and give you the right tone you're looking for. $ 50 SHIPPING LOWER 48 STATES N...
Onsale for $ 550.00 and shipping from Farmingdale, New more on eBay...

 by pete8842 posted on Oct 15, 2017 18:08

mesa boogie triaxis guitar midi tube preamp
Selling my backup Mesa Triaxis, Excellent condition!!! No issues, all functions 100% perfect working order, minimal wear, screen is in minty condition!! Version 2.0Between this and the Marshall preamps, these are the best sounding preamps ever made. Lower 48 states shipping ONLY, no international.NOT ACCEPTING BEST OFFER, price is firm since it's in amazing shape. Will be packaged in large box, padded properly with tracking number. Good luck...
Onsale for $ 990.00 and shipping from Charlotte, North more on eBay...

 by mikeandannd posted on Oct 20, 2017 21:50

mesa 2 channel triple recrifier black face
Rev G. Modded to Rev F. New caps and electronics. Modded by 3rd age amps in Arizona. LED's added, all colors available can be chosen with a remote. Amp looks and sounds amazing!! Tubes are Tung Sol platinum matched with less than 4 hours on them. Rectifier 5u4 are brand new. Comes with amp cover. PayPal and USA buyers only. No returns....
Onsale for $ 1,700.00 and shipping from Middletown, New more on eBay...

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mesa boogie el84 power tubes
Mesa Boogie El84 Power Tubes
$ 30.00 ends on Thursday 2nd 15:59 mesa boogie el84 power tubes
mesa boogie road king 2 head
Mesa Boogie Road King 2 Head
$ 1,125.00 ends on Sunday 22nd 12:48 mesa boogie road king 2 head
mesa engineering boogie single rectifier rectoverb 50 series 2
Mesa Engineering, Boogie, Single Rectifier Rectoverb 50 Series 2
$ 749.00 ends on Friday 27th 14:59 mesa engineering boogie single rectifier rectoverb 50 series 2
hotone nano legacy heart attack mini amplifier inspired by mesa boogie rectifier
Hotone Nano Legacy Heart Attack Mini Amplifier Inspired By Mesa Boogie Rectifier
$ 109.99 ends on Monday 30th 17:15 hotone nano legacy heart attack mini amplifier inspired by mesa boogie rectifier

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