Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 3 channel 100 watt head Awesome TONE with foot switch

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 by 1helluvaguy posted on Apr 20, 2018 21:10

mesa boogie dual rectifier 3 channel 100 watt head awesome tone with foot switch
Hello there. Up for sale is an amazing Mesa Boogie 3 channel Dual Rectifier headMesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo 100 watt 3 channel tube amp head w/ foot switchYou know it, You Love it.The Dual Rectifier 3 channel head is amazing.This head has lots of power, volume and has been gigged and has been well maintained.She has a few marks, some minor tears, and some scrapes on the exterior tolex. Chassis, face plate, knobs, switches, etc in excellent condition. Some scuff marks on the Armor plate.The head has seen a good use, and was gigged a lot. This unit works Flawlessly, and wails. So much Tone, and very loud. Original Mesa Boogie 6L6 power Tubes . So Versatile, and will perform many, many genres of music. 100 watts of Killer Tone. Please ask question...
Onsale for $ 879.00 and shipping from Bethpage, New more on eBay...

 by fillmore57 posted on Apr 18, 2018 14:42

mesa ms 12 12 8 ohm guitar speaker rare excellent condition celestion eminence
Welcome to this auction for a beautiful Mesa MS-12, 8 ohm, 150 watt capacity guitar speaker. This speaker is in excellent condition with no issues whatsoever... its not blown, there no coil rub or noise, and there is no cone or mounting surface damage... nothing. The speaker measures a perfect 7.7 ohms on my Fluke 179 digital volt meter, and it works absolutely perfectly. These are very rare speakers on the used market. It is rated at 8 ohms and 150 watts, so on its own in a 1-12 cabinet or a combo cab, it will work with just about any amplifier, and it is especially great in combination with another speaker type in a 2-12 or 4-12 cabinet, such as a Vintage 30, or Mesa MC-90, etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Onsale for $ 130.00 and shipping from Saint Augustine, more on eBay...

 by rambamus posted on Apr 20, 2018 19:03

mesa boogie mark iv guitar head rare rack mount
This listing is for one (1) Mesa Boogie Mark IV (Version B) Rack Mount Head only. Any other items shown in the pictures are for sale in other listings. The item is currently racked in my home studio but there is not enough time in the day to get to use it - so I am selling it all. Shipping to the lower 48 - Hawaii and Alaska will cost extra. No international shipping or sales. Very Clean and works great!. Three channel amp with clean to modern crunch Mesa Boogie is known for.. The is one broken EQ knob that has been that way since I bought it; there is still enough to grab and adjust so I never had it replaced. Two of the graphic EQ faders are missing the knobs (thanks kids) but sliders are still there and work perfectly. This amp requires a minimum of (4) r...
Onsale for $ 799.00 and shipping from Needville, more on eBay...

 by twpstudio posted on Apr 20, 2018 07:21

mesa boogie studio preamp
Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp was based on the preamp circuit in the legendary Mark IIC that John Petrucci loves so much.. This preamp has graced the racks of some serious players including James Hetfield, Petrucci, and even Kurt Cobain believe it or not. Its definitely set up very similar to other Mark series amps. If you are familiar with the way in which the tone controls and EQ interact with each other you should have no problem dialing up crunch and lead tones you are happy with. The clean channel on this preamp sounds wonderful too though, absolutely excellent american clean tone.. The unit has some very cool features that you just cant get in a head or combo amp.. These are the things that always keep me coming rack.. LOL.. It has a tube driven stereo FX ...
Onsale for $ 595.00 and shipping from Littleton, more on eBay...

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