Dunlop MXR Echoplex Delay EP103

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 by crazydavesmusic posted on Dec 09, 2017 21:58

dunlop mxr echoplex delay ep103
The World Famous Crazy Dave's Music is proud to present the- Dunlop MXR Echoplex Delay EP103 Vintage Echoplex EP-3 tape echo warmth and modulationAge control varies delay tone from pristine to dark and dirty40–750ms of delay timeThe Echoplex® EP-3 tape echo unit is famous for its deliciously warm, organic modulation and sweet musical voice—a key component to some of the most iconic guitar tones from the ’60s and ’70s. The original EP-3 units, however, are expensive, temperamental, and larger than a VCR. That’s where the EP103 Echoplex Delay comes in. It’s the size of a Phase 90, and it delivers the EP-3’s legendary tones with a simple control interface and a hi-fi all-analog dry path. The Delay control sets the time between repeats—from 4 to...
Onsale for $ 149.00 and shipping from Orange Park, more on eBay...

 by roadiemade04 posted on Dec 07, 2017 17:07

mxr stereo chorus
Selling a used MXR stereo chorus as is. There are a few dings and the nut on the input size is missing. Comes as is with all is pictured. Cleaning shop and making room. Check out our other listings. Please feel free to ask question....
Onsale for $ 75.00 and shipping from Nashville, more on eBay...

 by geartree posted on Oct 14, 2016 20:03

mxr by dunlop m222 talk box effect unit with 4 cables
MXR by Dunlop M222 Talk Box Bundle White The Talk Box is a classic effect - you can hear it on some of the greatest songs ever recorded, across genres and time, from funk and ?70s rock to hard rock and metal. Its unique, highly expressive character is instantly recognizable. The MXR team has fine-tuned the Talk Box for modern gigging convenience and tone sculpting while maintaining the unmistakable sonic character that made the effect legendary. With its own amp and speaker driver, the MXR Talk Box is compact and pedalboard-friendly?you don?t have to lug around a separate rig or patch into your amp?s speaker output. And with Volume, Tone and Gain controls, you can shape and add texture to your Talk Box voice for maximum impact. Like all MXR pedals, the MXR T...
Onsale for $ 169.99 and shipping from Jenison, more on eBay...

 by r_medina13 posted on Dec 10, 2017 13:00

mxr custom badass 78 distortion
Tried out at home, never got to use it on stage. Has Velcro on the bottom....
Onsale for $ 50.00 and shipping from New York, New more on eBay...

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