Vintage Sunn Bass Guitar Cabinet 115BH 1x15

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 by freeman_tuell_speaker_service posted on Nov 16, 2017 05:04

vintage sunn bass guitar cabinet 115bh 1x15
Vintage Sunn 115BH bass guitar cabinet with Magna 158 15" speaker. Some cosmetic wear and tear, but overall in good and working condition....
Onsale for $ 200.00 and shipping from Dallas, more on eBay...

 by imoldcraig21 posted on Nov 16, 2017 02:19

sunn beta bass guitar bass head
If you are looking, you probably know the reputation of this amp as a doom/stoner machine. This particular model was taken from a combo unit, but the circuitry remains the same to a typical Beta. There are very few issues and none of them are major: some scratchy pots and some feedback at higher distortion settings. I believe it will need to be recapped sometime in the near future. That’s why I’m letting it go at a fair price. If there are any questions, please ask before purchasing....
Onsale for $ 450.00 and shipping from Zanesville, more on eBay...

 by hylinechicks posted on Nov 20, 2017 03:23

sunn coliseum slave vintage amplifier amp head rare
They dont make them like this anymore! These are getting harder and harder to find. Shows some cosmetic vintage dings and pings. Both handles are strong and firmly intact! This power amp can be used with a line out or preamp out. Check out the cool UV Meter on this. This item was tested and found to be in good working condition but does make a noise when plugging speaker cable into back speaker jack. Could be easy fix may need a new jack. I recommend a good cleaning/tune up but I will leave that up to the buyer. This is an estimated shipping cost. If shipping is less I will refund you the difference. If it's more I will eat the difference. IF ITEM DOES NOT SELL IT WILL NOT BE RELISTED AT A LOWER PRICE. Bid with confidence. SHIP to USA only Paypal...
Onsale for $ 350.00 and shipping from Murray, more on eBay...

 by birdhousemusic2 posted on Oct 28, 2017 00:13

sunn solarus vintage amp head late 60s
This Sunn Solarus is something of a rare amp. Born during the era of peace, love, bell bottoms and really powerful amps, this Sunn still packs quite the wallop. Packing an approximate 40 watt punch, this big guy was still considered a mid-powered amp for it's time (Eek!!). Fast forward to now, 40 watts will likely be all the power that you're ever going to need or be able to use, for that matter. This baby is loud and proud! Tonally, it's similar to a Blackface Bandmaster. Burnished,  present cleans that stay articulate until the bitter end. It's not a high gain machine but it loves pedals and is a great platform for tone shaping. This amp features two channels, four inputs, 8 and 16 ohm speaker jacks, reverb, treble/bass/contour tone stack with a mid boost...
Onsale for $ 849.00 and shipping from Northampton, more on eBay...

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